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Operational Excellence

With over 25 years of experience in Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Business Development, I have consistently achieved measurable results, increasing efficiencies, streamlining processes, increasing profits, training hundreds of precision rifle shooters, and saving a multi-million-dollar contract in just three months.

I have worked through multiple companies - starting at pick-pack roles through to operations management, optimising purchasing, inventory, and marketing departments on the way.

I understand the pressure of wearing multiple hats and getting things done right. That's what motivates me - the challenge of finding solutions and delivering measurably outstanding results, no matter what comes my way.

I go in, look around, and see what can be done to improve situations. Then, define the best action method and set those actions in motion.

I can quickly learn about new things, make sense of them, and explain them to others. I understand the importance of conveying not only the how of things but also the why of things. Sharing the big picture. This generally puts in management and leadership roles.


Marine Deals

SERVICE MANAGER - project orientated role - brought in to sort out a department that needed a lot of help. Process development, documentation and training with a heavy focus on customer service and experience.


OPERATIONS MANAGER - Brought in to help with some culture change in order to bring the largest contract project onto track. In a short period of time, helped put new processes into place and turned the project around.

Allproof Industries

OPERATIONS MANAGER - Created the company operation manual. Implimented international standard Quality Assurance programmes. Lisaoned with multiple government and council groups on legislative and compliance issues and solutions.

Education and Training

"I have known Kerry for several years now, though my initial contact was through his Blog and Website.

His intellectual curiosity and thoroughness shone through immediately. I also noticed that the sites were well managed with useful content being regularly produced or updated. I should also mention his wide first-hand knowledge of firearms training and the firearms industry in general is impressive.

Perhaps most importantly he is easy to work worth and communicates well.”

Adam Smith

Partnerships Advisor: Hunting , NZ Mountain Safety Council

Precision Shooter

Firearms supply, setup and education.

Precision Shooter focuses on helping both new and established shooters get the most out of their firearms. Specialising in long range precision shooting, Precision Shooter is a resource for shooters, featuring articles, podcasts and services for shooters.

Good Blokes

Running now for over a decade.

The Bloke has become one of the countries biggest and most comprehensive sources of Outdoors, Hunting and Lifestyle information.


Firearms Training and Policy

A Workplace Safety Consultancy site focusing on Firearms Safety and Education - features an online training framework with multiple courses and modules. This also lead to my involvement with the Range Certification Advisory Board with the NZ Police.

People get into for firearms for a variety of reasons. For me, it was a combination of wanting to get into hunting, and spend more time in the backcountry.

As is my nature, I quickly found myself getting more involved in the technical side of things, and soon found myself seeking out more knowledge how the firearms systems works, eventually leading me to seek out and interview many of the worlds top names in long range precision shooting. Names like David Tubb, Todd Hodnett, Caylen Wojcik, Frank Galli and many, many more.

Eventually, I found myself working more with the local industry as well. Reviewing and promoting new products, developing content and eventually, starting to host and eventually teach at courses and clinics ranging from hunting skills to long range ballistics.

My skills soon became requested to help others set up their firearms and I focused on high end optics and firearms systems, incorporating ballistic calculators, weather meters and rangefinders into complete systems for customers - setting them up and then teaching them how to best use them.

I also found myself becoming more involved in governmental and organisational levels. I became the Firearms Safety Instructor for the MSC/Police - fundamental in the process of thousands of new licence applicants in the Auckland region. In addition, I found myself on the Police Range Certification Advisory Board - providing technical and practical advice for the new Range Certification System being put into place. As part of this I set up and chairs the New Zealand Field Shooting Assosiation - to represent Long Range Precision Shooters at a governmental level with the Police.

Skills & Qualifications

Adaptable and Flexible

Give me a task and clear parameters and a I can quickly devise a plan and get it underway. When the situation changes, so can I, refocing on the main issues that need the most focus and attention.
Observe, orient, decide, and act.


From one on one's and small teams, to company wide presentations and change programs, I am comfortable working with small or large groups and understand the differn't requirements and methods of both. Though, if I need to, more than happy to work on my own.

Systems & Process

Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, Manufacture and Supply, Workplace Firearms Handling, Pest Control - I have worked on and implemented a wide array of policy and process - designing, documenting, implementing and monitoring them.


Above all, I have a high level of empathy and desire to help out others. As such, I seek to find solutions where everyone wins, everyone understands the benefit to them, and therefore are keen to buy into the change for the greater good.


I am competent with a wide array of desktop and cloud based software. The Microsoft Suite of products, various ERP management and project planning systems, presentation software, networking and many more. I learn new systems quickly.

Video and Media Editing

Well versed in the Adobe Suite of software - as well as Resolve and others, and have been editing and publishing my own working in various formats for several decades. Comfortable operating cameras, pro audio equipment and capturing content.

Website and Online

I got involved with online communities at an early age - and am now familiar with most of the main hosting, editing, eCommerce and training software suites. Comfortable setting up and maintaining websites, from the DNS end to search engine optimisation.

Social Media

Early adopter of many of the platforms - as well as advertising, organic promotion and more. Also versed in navigating tricky subjects - such as regulated goods online while working with government bodies on consistent messaging.

  • National Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Safety) Level 3
  • National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership)
  • Forklift License, First Aid Certification, MPI Operator
  • Outdoor Emergency Management, Outdoor First Aid, Risk Management, Various
  • Full NZ Drivers Licence with F Endorsement, NZ FIrearms Licence and Dealers Licence

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